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In February 2014, Russia hosted the XXII Olympic Winter Games. After their completion, the question arose: how to further effectively use the infrastructure legacy of the Olympics? The solution was proposed by the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin — to form on the basis of the Olympic venues an educational centre for talented children and their in-depth training in natural sciences, arts and sports, as well as to provide them with further support and follow-up.
To realise these objectives, the Talent and Success Educational Foundation was established in December 2014, whose founders included prominent Russian figures in science, sports and the arts. In 2015 the Sirius Educational Centre was established, where the most talented schoolchildren from all over the country, as well as their teachers and mentors, study all year round.

As a result of many years of work, the Talent and Success Foundation has become a key link in the national system of support for talented children in all regions of the Russian Federation and a benchmark in defining modern standards for schools with advanced teaching of subjects. Today, it implements projects that serve as models for Russian regions.
Over eight years of work, the prospects of the project created by the President of the Russian Federation have significantly expanded. To fulfil them, Sirius Federal Territory was established on 22 December 2020.

Today, it successfully develops the Educational Centre and the Presidential Lyceum, the University and the Innovative Science and Technology Centre, as well as cultural and sports infrastructure. The ecosystem of Sirius organizations helps train the best personnel and create breakthrough projects to address the most important challenges facing Russia.
The most important part of working with talents is human resources. Today, Sirius brings together the best teachers, instructors, coaches and mentors from all over Russia. Among them are world-famous people: cellist, artistic director of the St. Petersburg House of Music, chairman of the board and founder of the Talent and Success Foundation Sergey Roldugin, grandmaster Sergey Karjakin, ballet dancer, ballet dancer, acting rector of the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet Nikolai Tsiskaridze, Svetlana Zakharova, prima ballerina of the Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, hockey player, Olympic champion, three-time world champion, Stanley Cup winner Valery Kamensky, scientist, head of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genomics of the Vavilov Institute of General Genetics, director of the Scientific Centre of Genetics and Life Sciences of the Sirius University of Science and Technology Evgeny Rogayev and many others.

The educational achievements of Sirius are available not only to participants in the core programmes of the Educational Centre and students of the Presidential Lyceum, but also to all children through publicly available programmes and infrastructure, the introduction of educational practices into the educational process, and the implementation of joint programmes between educational organisations in the federal territory and the Lyceum and Sirius University.
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